Character Creation


I’m going to try to stick as close to rules-as-written as I can. Make sure to coordinate your characters so that you have all the basic party roles covered, ’cause this IS pregen content.

As it is pregen content, evil characters are likely going to be a bad fit, so I’m likely to disallow them.

You do NOT need the Trapfinding class feature to find traps in Pathfinder, or to use Disable Device to disarm mundane traps; Trapfinding gives you a bonus to Perception checks to find traps, and allows you to use Disable Device to disarm magical traps.

Don’t forget your favored class. Also, be sure to check out the alternate favored class benefits for your race and class combination.

As a final note, I do have a copy of Hero Lab to help create characters and/or make sure you’ve gotten your math right. It can also print out sheets with the full text of your feats/class features, as well as the full contents of your spellbook.

Character Creation Guidelines

Allowed sources

All Pathfinder material from Paizo. Third party material will NOT be allowed.


All core races; others with permission. Non-core races need to exist in Golarion (not all the races Paizo has released exist in their own campaign setting, go figure), be acceptable in human settlements (ruling out the classic “monstrous” races like Orc or Goblin), and not be so rare as to be unheard of (which rules out catfolk, for one).

The campaign setting is VERY human-centric, and players of human characters may wish to read up on the ethnicities from the Inner Sea World Guide, especially since they get a free regional language in addition to Common.


All. Have fun with that. Note that the campaign was originally written before firearms were introduced, so don’t expect to find any firearm-related loot.


Anything I haven’t explicitly banned. You may add an archetype to a class you already have, so long as the archetype does not modify anything your class gained by that level.

Ability scores

Use the point-buy system, 20 points.


All player characters get two traits for free at first level. I highly recommend taking a good look at the campaign traits in the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Player’s Guide. Campaign traits from other sources are not allowed, and as always, you may only have one trait from a given category (Combat/Magic/Faith/Campaign/etc), even with the Additional Traits feat.


Average for your class.


You can use the Craft skill to make your starting gear, but only if you can succeed when taking ten.

Beyond first level

We will be using the fast advancement track, as that is what the adventure path was written for.

For your hit dice beyond your first, you may either roll (I won’t be doing the “choose your roll or mine” thing), or take half your hit die size plus one (d6 would get 4, d8 would get 5, etc), chosen BEFORE you roll.

Character Creation

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