Runelords AE

Why won't it die?

Trevian, Dwarf Magus – Ian
Rilly, Halfling Archeologist – Amy
Rhiannon, Human Fighter – Tiff
Hitaka, Human Wizard – Lyle
Katazuki, Kitsune Oracle – Steve
Sylvester, Elven Rogue/Cleric – Thad
Zel, Tiefling Ranger – Kait
Sylvester’s Log, Game date- Sunday, sixth of Lamashian 4707AR:

After regrouping at the Inn and spending a day in recuperation, our band of would-be heroes decides to return to the glassworks and check out the smugglers’ tunnels. [Tun – Nel!] It took a few minutes to establish marching order, but we worked it out based on who needs the torch to see, and who has a free hand. I ended up holding one, which probably was not the best thing.

We soon came upon two big clawed evil humanoid things wielding ranseurs. The fight was fast, furious, and deadly. A thorough search of the corpses revealed moldering loincloths and a pair of masterwork quality ranseurs. Rhiannon and Zel took possession of these nasty devices(the weapons, we didn’t want to remove the loincloths). At this point, we also re-ordered to allow me the use of my bow.

Just beyond the ambush spot, the group took the east branch of the tunnel and found a worked stone room with a bunch of discarded pottery fragments, which seemed to excite the archeologist for a couple of minutes. There was a door in the north wall which led out of the natural caves and into a hallway…

A Secret Temple? Given the information in Tsuto’s journal, I’m not at all surprised. The hallway led a short distance west before turning north, then branched to the east again. We took a moment to examine a statue in the room to the north, I’m sure the statue was important, but I can’t remember why exactly. It was a depiction of a human woman, but wild and angry. She held a ranseur which looked like a functional weapon, but a cursory examination revealed it was crafted as a work of art. The dwarf relocated it to his possessions anyway. The room itself also opened back into what I assume was the previous tunnel’s north continuation.

Since the tunnel had been used as a smuggler’s run for some time, we decided to skip it and explore the hallway we had just passed. At the end of the hall, we came into a small room with “A Flying Tentacle” which attacked us immediately, biting Zel and causing an angry wound that would later prove resistant to healing.

After dispatching the thing, Hitaka gave some sort of exposition on it’s habits and abilities. Frankly, I wasn’t listening. My attention was on the other half of the room; a few steps cut out of the stone led to a dark altar. There was a basin set in the center that was filled with a foul liquid. Trevian suggested urinating in it, but I took the more sensible approach and dumped it in the corner. To my horror, as I turned to leave, the basin was full again. I intend to study this unholy fount, and soon, but the story moves on.

The door at the south end of the room opened up into a large two-story chamber. At first sight, there is a pool near the center of the lower level. This is a place of unholy power. The pool is perfectly round, being cut out of the floor. In a ring about the center stand many pillars, each topped with a polished human skull.
I had no time to study the pool, however. Upon our entry, some tiny flying evil thing on the balcony saw us and immediately performed some ritual bloodletting over a triangular pool of bubbling liquid that let off a glow like lava. The pool burped up two more of those nasty clawed humanoids with dangerous weapons.

The fight is on! Our meatshie—I mean the valiant fighter Rhiannon, took the initiative and charged into the room. Before she could engage the enemy, the nasty quasit cast a spell. Rhiannon stopped dead in her tracks and just stood there as the clawed humanoids advanced. One of them came at her down the south east stairs while the other took the north east stairs. Katazuki, Hitaka, and I moved to intercept the south ugly before it could harm Rhiannon. Katazuki prevented it from ending her until her senses returned. Zel, Trevian, and Rilly took up the fight against the thing from the north east stairs.

Due to interference by the Quasit, these two took considerably longer to dispatch.
The fight in the south progressed much faster once Rhiannon rejoined. The north fight however, seemed to be nothing but swing, dodge, and sidestep. I stayed out of direct confrontation for most of the engagement as I tried to position myself for channeling and arrows.

Once Hitaka and Rhiannon finished off their fighter, they took to the stairs. At some point, the Quasit vanished and a giant centipede appeared. That annoying little gnat decided that Rhiannon was a threat and did everything it could to eliminate her. She quickly sent the insect back from whence it came. (Though I didn’t see it at the time, Hitaka threw a flask of something into the bubbling pool.)

Within 2 minutes of entering the room, all of us were on the balcony trying to swat at the Quasit. It just hovered above us, out of weapons range to all but Zel and Rhiannon, laughing at me as my arrows bounced uselessly off it’s tough hide. Hitaka had a few moments of give and take with the thing’s enchanted dagger, and Zel eventually disarmed it. The dagger fell to the lower floor and I jumped off the stairs to grab it and prevent it from returning. I stumbled the dismount and felt like a fool, but still got the dagger.

All the while, Trevian was unable to affect it directly, so he took the subterfuge route. Standing by the bubbling pool, he dropped trou and began a steady stream of ‘insult’, adding extra P to the ool. The Quasit could not abide this action and put the dwarf to sleep, having just done the same to Katazuki. Magically induced sleep isn’t very useful when you have 7 angry humanoids and only two sleep spells. Rilly woke the dwarf by kicking him, and I picked up the snoring Katazuki. Trevian got up, pants still around his ankles, and resumed right where he left off. This enraged the gnat enough to cause her to charge at him. Like that was going to be useful…

Once it left the higher air, we pounced it and Rhiannon got it grappled. From this point it took just a single round of punch and stab to END it.

All of the party’s casters are out of mental ammunition, so we’re going back to the Rusty Dragon (For a rest and a flagon). I hope I can convince the temple to send someone to look at both the pools and the altar.

4 Masterwork Ranseurs
1 Decorative Ranseur worth 400gp

Quasit’s possesions (all tiny sized):
Tiny Cold Iron Dagger
Black silk gown
Obsidian unholy symbol, unidentified

XP: 486

Temporary Ability Damage: Rhiannon -1 DEX

Come back! Let me hit you again! (5-25-13)

Trevian, Dwarf Magus played by Ian
Rilly, Halfling Bard played by Amy
Rhiannon, Human Fighter played by Tiff
Hitaka, Human Wizard played by Lyle
Katazuki, Kitsune Oracle played by Steve – ABSENT
Sylvester, Elven Rogue played by Thad – ABSENT
Zel, Half-Orc Ranger played by Kait – ABSENT

This week in game we were asked to investigate the disappearance of our friendly, neighborhood innkeeper. A note from her brother was found in her room asking her to meet him at the Glassblowers’ shop (GMP Local 292). While following up on this lead (while half the party secured the inn and took care of a minor rat problem in the basement [read: missed out on a great game]) the TRUE heroes encountered several puny Gobos. Despite some less then stellar rolls all around the tiny nuisances were taken care of handily, even after the cowards ran away like Pansy Elves, they were still put down before they could get away. Following the trail of the green-skinned boot-droppings we came upon a staircase leading to the basement. Cowering down there in a puddle of ‘yellow fear’ was an elf. He turned out to be the traitorous brother of our beloved Innkeeper, in league with the GOBLINS (a lower deed can not be conceived of, traitor and kin-slayer). As we approached this worthless trash he fled from our combined might (obviously he learned how to fight from his Goblin allies). Subdued and bound we left him laying in a puddle of his life-blood as we rescued the lovely and talented Innkeeper, to whom we owe such thanks for the rooms as well as the copious ale she supplies me …. er, I mean US with. A passage was found in the basement of the Glassblower’s Shop, though we decided to return to town before proceeding on to deliver the traitorous slime to the proper authorities and to get the rest of the crew for what could possibly be a Deep Delve. Unsuprisingly, the coward took the coward’s escape from his jail cell and will never be seen again. Not even his kin mourned his passing.

Oh, and the Sheriff gave us a list of Goblin Dens that he wanted us to clear out while he was away, with his Leftentant in charge. Hitaka coppied the list down so we wouldn’t miss any of the green rats.

GM EDIT: Tsuto’s Journal

XP earned: 470
+1 Ring of Protection (Hitaka)
MW Thieves Tools (Rilly)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds (Party Emergency – Hitaka carried)
MW Flute (sold)
Composite Short Bow & (20) Arrows (unclaimed – Trevian carried)
Various coins and trade goods (sold)

- Events according to Trevian the Grim, Smith Extraordinare and Extraordinary Dwarf

5/18/13 game
Heeeeere piggy piggy piggy...

Trevian, Dwarf Magus played by Ian
Katazuki, Kitsune Oracle played by Steve
Sylvester, Elven Rogue played by Thad
Rilly, Halfing Bard played by Amy
Rhiannon, Human Fighter played by Tiff
Hitaka, Human Wizard played by Lyle
Zel, Half-Orc Ranger played by Kait

Our intrepid “heroes” (as we most definitely lack a better word for this rabble) started the day enjoying their wonderful free week of room and board in the Rusty Dragon (which is also not a euphemism for anything at all, but probably will be by campaign’s end). It is not long after this that they are called upon to investigate some shenanigans and goings on in a nearby crypt. Rilly allowed her curiosity to get the better of her sense and walked in first, agitating the three skeletons inside that were waiting to ambush the first intruder. After weathering the initial onslught, the group managed to make short work of the skeletal sentinels, though not without finding inventive ways to hit for minimal damage at times.

After the skeletons are dealt with and some investigation is done, several of the group decide that they want varying weapons to deal with different potential undead threats in the future. Significant himming and hawing over blunt objects is done, locals are annoyed, and blacksmiths get drunk, with the final outcome being that several simply follow Rhiannon’s example and just makeshift their large blunt smashythings for future use.

That evening, Katazuki is hit upon by an attractive bargoer who just happens to be the daughter of the owner of the general store. Hitaka practically pushes the oracle towards his suitor, who takes him to the basement of the store, only to be walked in on by Daddy. Katazuki manages to not get bludgeoned to death by a shopowner, and the rest of the evening passes uneventfully.

The next day, the group of goblinslayers is invited onto a wonderful boar hunt by the local nobleman they recently rescued, mounts provided at no cost. The boar hunt goes off almost perfectly, only a wound to Trevian’s horse marring the adventure (though one of the two boars was pretty much removed from being a threat before it could even become one by Hitaka’s spell and Rhiannon’s rather vicious spearwork).

A great meal is prepared of boar, boar, and more boar back at the Rusty Dragon, when an older Tian-Min man busts into the room and starts to berate the establishment’s proprietor. After a vicious verbal exchange that almost becomes violent, the older man – who it appears is the father of the lady who runs the inn, leaves with an angry comment that leaves his daughter in tears.

Not long after, a distraught mother comes into the in, her two children in tow. Their home is beset by some horrible goblin, and her husband does not seem to believe the son’s cries of a goblin living in his closet. The stalwart group heads out, determined to apparently prove that one goblin is no match for seven PCs. The goblin, in their absence, ate daddy’s face and half-pulled him into the hole in the closet. Savage gobbo comes out and tries to put up a fight, but manages to only last as long as he does due to the fact that seven savage goblin killers can’t fit in a small space efficiently enough to mob the little bastard. The crawlspace is searched, but nothing is there to be found, and the party departs, leaving the poor mother and her children to grieve at the loss.

Next episode, our heroes find a new way to fail at basic social interaction (again), likely hunt down yet more goblins that had it coming, and may even all survive the coming battle. But you can’t be sure until you roll the dice…

EDIT: once again forgotten, XP earned was 608.
Game date at beginning of adventure: Wealday, second of Lamashan, 4707 AR.
Game date at end of adventure: evening of Oathday, third of Lamashan, 4707 AR.

Session 1 - Goblins!

Session 1 saw the introduction of six characters:
Trevian, Dwarf Magus played by Ian
Katazuki, Kitsune Oracle played by Steve
Sylvester, Elven Rogue played by Thad
Rilly, Halfing Bard played by Amy
Rhiannon, Human Fighter played by Tiff
Hitako (sp?), Human Wizard played by Lyle

Our party had all gathered in the town of Sandpoint, which was having a festival with lots of butterflies and food. Unfortunately, goblins like food and like to burn stuff, so they attacked! And stole food. And killed dogs. Because that is what goblins do. We fought off a number of goblins, impressed the mayor, and saved a well-to-do local, who has asked us to meet him at the Rusty Dragon Inn later on so that he may reward us. (We also got free lodging at the Rusty Dragon for a week.)

Yay! Hopefully the goblins didn’t eat all the food.

EDIT: Since you seem to have forgotten the request, here ya go:
XP earned: 515
Date of adventure: Toilday, first of Lamashan, 4707 AR.


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