An Ornate Warhamer of Dwarven Manufacture

weapon (melee)

Please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em!


Attempting to craft an item to enhance his forging, Trevian poured his energy into (what he hoped would become) a Mighty Warhammer. Unfortunatly, being the dour and friendless sort (not truly unfriendly, just very focused on his work and ideas), Trevian was alone in his master’s forge that day and ended up pouring ALL of his power into the Hammer, along with a portion of his soul. While this did have the effect of increasing his power and abilities, Trevian found he could no longer use even the simpalist of novice abilities without his new Hammer. Reluctant to admit to his master what he had done, and that he was ‘playing’ with tecniques far beond his level, Trevian hid the Hammer away under his cot. Now seperate from his abilities Trevian was useless in the forge and his master soon was forced to let Trevian go. Trevian took up his equipment and supplies and left his beloved underground realm forever.


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