Runelords AE

Session 1 - Goblins!

Session 1 saw the introduction of six characters:
Trevian, Dwarf Magus played by Ian
Katazuki, Kitsune Oracle played by Steve
Sylvester, Elven Rogue played by Thad
Rilly, Halfing Bard played by Amy
Rhiannon, Human Fighter played by Tiff
Hitako (sp?), Human Wizard played by Lyle

Our party had all gathered in the town of Sandpoint, which was having a festival with lots of butterflies and food. Unfortunately, goblins like food and like to burn stuff, so they attacked! And stole food. And killed dogs. Because that is what goblins do. We fought off a number of goblins, impressed the mayor, and saved a well-to-do local, who has asked us to meet him at the Rusty Dragon Inn later on so that he may reward us. (We also got free lodging at the Rusty Dragon for a week.)

Yay! Hopefully the goblins didn’t eat all the food.

EDIT: Since you seem to have forgotten the request, here ya go:
XP earned: 515
Date of adventure: Toilday, first of Lamashan, 4707 AR.


Props to Lyle for making balanced fights a cakewalk with gratuitous Sleep and Color Spray spells! :)

Session 1 - Goblins!

Already said this at the table, but for record purposes: Amy, 50 XP.

Session 1 - Goblins!
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