Runelords AE

Come back! Let me hit you again! (5-25-13)

Trevian, Dwarf Magus played by Ian
Rilly, Halfling Bard played by Amy
Rhiannon, Human Fighter played by Tiff
Hitaka, Human Wizard played by Lyle
Katazuki, Kitsune Oracle played by Steve – ABSENT
Sylvester, Elven Rogue played by Thad – ABSENT
Zel, Half-Orc Ranger played by Kait – ABSENT

This week in game we were asked to investigate the disappearance of our friendly, neighborhood innkeeper. A note from her brother was found in her room asking her to meet him at the Glassblowers’ shop (GMP Local 292). While following up on this lead (while half the party secured the inn and took care of a minor rat problem in the basement [read: missed out on a great game]) the TRUE heroes encountered several puny Gobos. Despite some less then stellar rolls all around the tiny nuisances were taken care of handily, even after the cowards ran away like Pansy Elves, they were still put down before they could get away. Following the trail of the green-skinned boot-droppings we came upon a staircase leading to the basement. Cowering down there in a puddle of ‘yellow fear’ was an elf. He turned out to be the traitorous brother of our beloved Innkeeper, in league with the GOBLINS (a lower deed can not be conceived of, traitor and kin-slayer). As we approached this worthless trash he fled from our combined might (obviously he learned how to fight from his Goblin allies). Subdued and bound we left him laying in a puddle of his life-blood as we rescued the lovely and talented Innkeeper, to whom we owe such thanks for the rooms as well as the copious ale she supplies me …. er, I mean US with. A passage was found in the basement of the Glassblower’s Shop, though we decided to return to town before proceeding on to deliver the traitorous slime to the proper authorities and to get the rest of the crew for what could possibly be a Deep Delve. Unsuprisingly, the coward took the coward’s escape from his jail cell and will never be seen again. Not even his kin mourned his passing.

Oh, and the Sheriff gave us a list of Goblin Dens that he wanted us to clear out while he was away, with his Leftentant in charge. Hitaka coppied the list down so we wouldn’t miss any of the green rats.

GM EDIT: Tsuto’s Journal

XP earned: 470
+1 Ring of Protection (Hitaka)
MW Thieves Tools (Rilly)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds (Party Emergency – Hitaka carried)
MW Flute (sold)
Composite Short Bow & (20) Arrows (unclaimed – Trevian carried)
Various coins and trade goods (sold)

- Events according to Trevian the Grim, Smith Extraordinare and Extraordinary Dwarf


There, fixed it. :)



We hate it when mommy and daddy fight! You’re making little Stevie and Thad cry!


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Please don’t fight…


Well, since you wanted to remove the edits I made because you wouldn’t… I’m going to have to NOT give you that 50xp.

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