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5/18/13 game

Heeeeere piggy piggy piggy...

Trevian, Dwarf Magus played by Ian
Katazuki, Kitsune Oracle played by Steve
Sylvester, Elven Rogue played by Thad
Rilly, Halfing Bard played by Amy
Rhiannon, Human Fighter played by Tiff
Hitaka, Human Wizard played by Lyle
Zel, Half-Orc Ranger played by Kait

Our intrepid “heroes” (as we most definitely lack a better word for this rabble) started the day enjoying their wonderful free week of room and board in the Rusty Dragon (which is also not a euphemism for anything at all, but probably will be by campaign’s end). It is not long after this that they are called upon to investigate some shenanigans and goings on in a nearby crypt. Rilly allowed her curiosity to get the better of her sense and walked in first, agitating the three skeletons inside that were waiting to ambush the first intruder. After weathering the initial onslught, the group managed to make short work of the skeletal sentinels, though not without finding inventive ways to hit for minimal damage at times.

After the skeletons are dealt with and some investigation is done, several of the group decide that they want varying weapons to deal with different potential undead threats in the future. Significant himming and hawing over blunt objects is done, locals are annoyed, and blacksmiths get drunk, with the final outcome being that several simply follow Rhiannon’s example and just makeshift their large blunt smashythings for future use.

That evening, Katazuki is hit upon by an attractive bargoer who just happens to be the daughter of the owner of the general store. Hitaka practically pushes the oracle towards his suitor, who takes him to the basement of the store, only to be walked in on by Daddy. Katazuki manages to not get bludgeoned to death by a shopowner, and the rest of the evening passes uneventfully.

The next day, the group of goblinslayers is invited onto a wonderful boar hunt by the local nobleman they recently rescued, mounts provided at no cost. The boar hunt goes off almost perfectly, only a wound to Trevian’s horse marring the adventure (though one of the two boars was pretty much removed from being a threat before it could even become one by Hitaka’s spell and Rhiannon’s rather vicious spearwork).

A great meal is prepared of boar, boar, and more boar back at the Rusty Dragon, when an older Tian-Min man busts into the room and starts to berate the establishment’s proprietor. After a vicious verbal exchange that almost becomes violent, the older man – who it appears is the father of the lady who runs the inn, leaves with an angry comment that leaves his daughter in tears.

Not long after, a distraught mother comes into the in, her two children in tow. Their home is beset by some horrible goblin, and her husband does not seem to believe the son’s cries of a goblin living in his closet. The stalwart group heads out, determined to apparently prove that one goblin is no match for seven PCs. The goblin, in their absence, ate daddy’s face and half-pulled him into the hole in the closet. Savage gobbo comes out and tries to put up a fight, but manages to only last as long as he does due to the fact that seven savage goblin killers can’t fit in a small space efficiently enough to mob the little bastard. The crawlspace is searched, but nothing is there to be found, and the party departs, leaving the poor mother and her children to grieve at the loss.

Next episode, our heroes find a new way to fail at basic social interaction (again), likely hunt down yet more goblins that had it coming, and may even all survive the coming battle. But you can’t be sure until you roll the dice…

EDIT: once again forgotten, XP earned was 608.
Game date at beginning of adventure: Wealday, second of Lamashan, 4707 AR.
Game date at end of adventure: evening of Oathday, third of Lamashan, 4707 AR.


50 xp, Lyle.

5/18/13 game

Drat, you got to it before me this time.

5/18/13 game
scpredmage scpredmage

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