Welcome to the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition!

Be sure to check out the Player’s Guide, which is free. It contains spoiler-free advice on creating characters for the adventure path, as well as information on the region. Anyone who DOESN’T read this gets mocked. No exceptions.

You can find information about Sandpoint (the town the campaign starts in) here; these pages were taken from the original 3.5e version of the Player’s Guide.

For more background on the world of Golarion, be sure to check out the Pathfinder Wiki.. I can also let you borrow my copy of the Inner Sea World Guide.

A calendar of the current (and next) in-game year can be found here.

Character Creation
Additional Rules

Character sheets

PDF auto-calc character sheet
Downtime Tracking Sheet
Two pages of character sheet not enough? Here’s sixteen! (haven’t made this into a form-fillable version, yet)

Spell cards

For anyone who’ll be playing a spellcaster, check out Perram’s Spellbook, which will give you PDFs of your spells on cards for easy reference. It can generate cards by class, spell level, source book, or even by manual selection (good for spontaneous casters or a wizard, who don’t need to have ALL of their class’s spell list on hand).

Runelords AE

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